Department of Pediatrics

L. Puusepa 8
50406 Tartu linn,
Tartu linn, Tartumaa
Vallo Tillmann
Head of Department, Professor of Paediatrics
dr. med. (Paediatrics)
+372 731 9500
L. Puusepa 8-M6005
Tuuli Metsvaht
Professor of Paediatric Intensive Care and Pharmacotherapy 0.5 p
dr. med. (Medicine)
+372 731 9550
L. Puusepa 8–M6002
Oivi Uibo
Associate Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology 0.85 p
dr. med.
L. Puusepa 8-M5097
Anneli Kolk
Associate Professor of Paediatric Neuropsychology 0.4 p
PhD (Psychology)
+372 731 9637
L. Puusepa 8-M5098
Heili Varendi
Associate Professor of Paediatrics 0.5 p
dr. med.
+372 731 9610
L. Puusepa 8-M2005
Eve Õiglane-Šlik
Associate Professor of Paediatric Neurology 0.25 p
dr. med.
+372 731 9582
L. Puusepa 8-M5099
Chris Pruunsild
Associate Professor of Paediatrics 0.2 p
dr. med.
+372 731 9607
L. Puusepa 8-M5004
Aleksandr Peet
Lecturer in Paediatric Illnesses 0.2 p
PhD (Medicine)
+372 731 9605
Georgi Nellis
Lecturer of Neonatology 0.2 p
PhD (Medicine)
L. Puusepa 8, G2-2216
Rael Laugesaar
Lecturer of Paediatrics 0.5 p
dr. med. (Medicine)
L. Puusepa 8-M5095
Piia Jõgi
Lecturer of Paediatric Infectious Diseases 0.4 p
PhD (Medicine)
L. Puusepa 8-M5091
Klari Heidmets
Lecturer in Paediatrics 0.2 p
PhD (Medicine)
+372 731 9580
L. Puusepa 8-M5095
Kaja Julge
Lecturer of Paediatric Allergology and Pulmonology 0.3 p
PhD (Paediatrics)
+372 731 9594
L. Puusepa 8-M5009
Tiia Voor
Lecturer of Paediatrics 0.3 p
dr. med.
+372 731 9594
L. Puusepa 8-M2006
Eda Tamm
Assistant of Paediatric Infectious Diseases 0.2 p
+372 731 9640
L. Puusepa 8-M5091
Inga Vainumäe
Assistant of Paediatric Nephrology 0.2 p
+372 731 9607
L. Puusepa 8-M5004
Inga Talvik
Research Fellow of Paediatric Neurology 0.3 p
dr. med.
+372 731 9580
Eva Mengel
Research Fellow (employment contract suspended) 0.1 p
PhD (Exercise and Sport Sciences)
Marianne Saard
Research Fellow of Paediatric Neuropsychology (employment contract suspended) 0.2 p
PhD (Medicine)
Annika Paavel
Project Manager (employment contract suspended) 0.5 p