Support Staff

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71004 Viljandi linn,
Marge Robam
Formal Education Coordinator
MA (Art Teacher)
Specialist in Academic Affairs of MA ''Creative project management''
+372 5300 2207
Liana Roos
Coordinator of Science Activities 0.5 p
MA (Adult Education)
Piret Talur
Programme Director of Community Education and Hobby Activity 0.5 p
MA (Social Work)
+372 5422 0542
Marek Mühlberg
Manager of Business Incubator, Programme Director of Management of Creative Projects
MBA (Entrepreneurship and Technology Management)
Krista Tamm
International Relations Specialist
+372 5300 2782 (2782)
Eero Ehala
Specialist in Stage Technology and Prop-Making
+372 5346 5213