Clinical Research Centre

Lembitu 24
50406 Tartu linn,
Tartu linn, Tartumaa
Katrin Kaarna
Katrin Kaarna
Head of Centre 0.5 p
+372 518 6688 (4119)
Lembitu 24-17

CV in Research Information System

Competence: Advising on general research questions; counselling a procedure for conducting clinical research at Tartu University Hospital Clinics and a selection of research centres; advising on the budgeting of a planned project. First contact on any issue related to clinical trial planning. Certified expert in Good Clinical Practice.

Riina Janno
Riina Janno
Academic Clinical Research Associate 0.35 p
MSc (Pharmacy)
+372 529 8508
Lembitu 24-27a

Competence: 18 years of experience in the international clinical research field with various indications in phase I to IV clinical trials. Monitoring of clinical trials from pre-study visit to study closure visit. Advising and compiling applications for Ethics Committee and State Agency of Medicines. Advising and compiling standard operating procedures (SOP) used in clinical trials.

Evelin Lehtoja
Evelin Lehtoja
Clinical Studies Assistant 0.5 p
+372 737 4118 (4118)
Lembitu 24-14
Kati Karu
+372 737 5323
+372 5344 3663
Lembitu 24-14