Dr Nitza-Makowska published a chapter in an important volume on the India-China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

We are happy to announce that our research fellow Agnieszka Nitza-Makowska published a chapter in a book titled Global India The Pursuit of Influence and Status which was edited by Chris Ogden and published by Routledge. Announced in 2013 and since then dubbed a game-changer, the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a multifaceted project that has the potential to significantly influence South Asia’s turbulent environment. In particular, while tightening Islamabad’s cooperation with Beijing, the CPEC may eventually bring significant shifts within the India-China–Pakistan strategic triangle.  

Dr Nitza-Makowska's chapter ‘India and the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor’ focuses on presenting and analysing the narratives surrounding the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor in India, the ways in which it is transforming the Indian state’s relationship with Pakistan, and India’s regional and global standing as an emerging great power. It also exposes the way the two all-weather friends, as China and Pakistan call each other, want India to be perceived in Pakistan and beyond South Asia. The chapter draws on English-language publications by Indian and Pakistani think tanks and research institutes triangulated with primary sources such as policy documents, public opinion polls, media and semi-structured interviews with opinion shapers, including with academics, journalists and other civil society representatives. 

Read more about the chapter and the book from here - 

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