Explore the city of Tartu and the university during Orienteering Week

The university invites all staff members, students, alumni and their families to city orienteering in Tartu from 19 October to 1 November. Do you know the buildings and sites connected with the university? Do you know what was in these places in the past? Grab a map and find out!

University of Tartu Associate Professor Taavi Pae in cooperation with MTÜ Seiklushunt have created an orienteering course focusing on the historical buildings of the university. The course is suitable for everyone. You can take the checkpoints in any order you like and there is no timing. You should allow about 90 minutes to walk through the entire course at a moderate pace. If you cannot complete the whole course at once, go and look for the remaining checkpoints at a suitable time during the week. For the orienteering event you just need a smartphone, a map and a positive attitude.

How does the orienteering work?

  • Print the map or get it from the reception desk of the university’s main building (Ülikooli 18), the academic and research building of the Delta centre (Narva mnt 18), Biomedicum (Ravila 19) or the academic building at Vanemuise 46. You may also download the map to your smartphone
  • Before you start out, make sure you know the symbols on the map.
  • The course includes 28 checkpoints, which you may take in any order you want.
  • When you arrive at a checkpoint, scan the QR code there. To do so, download a QR scanner app to your phone or check if your phone camera already has the necessary function.
  • The course runs between houses, on streets, in green areas and other public places. Be cautious in traffic! Please note that you must not climb or cross various objects on the route (e.g. high fences, walls, flowerbeds or hedges). Similarly, you must not enter private yards that are marked respectively. The “no entry” symbols are marked with a thick black line (fence, wall) and in moss green, which makes them easy to find on the map.

Who is the winner?

Everyone is! The goal is not to be the fastest but to enjoy spending time and moving around in the fresh air. This is a recreational sports event for the whole university community. At the end of the week, a number of gifts will be raffled among all participants. To be included in the draw, please let us know that you participated. Share a picture of a great moment during the orienteering on the Facebook event page.

To add even more excitement, download the Ajapaik app to your phone. The app shows historical views and enables to conveniently capture present-day views of the places shown in old images.

NB! Follow the event information on Facebook.

We ask all participants to take care of their own and others’ health: be responsible, keep safe distance, if possible, and do not move in crowds.

Further information: Sirli Urbas, University of Tartu Staff Training Specialist, 737 5194, sirli.urbas@ut.ee