Fim Screening: "Dhokbu, the Keeper"

"Dhokbu, the Keeper" film screening at Hurda Hall, Estonian National Museum, Time: 18.00

"Dhokbu, the Keeper" is a film that showcases the beautiful scenery of the Himalayan state Sikkim, India. The movie is filled with adventure and interesting plot twists.  Stories of local folklore, with which most Sikkimese kids grew up, make up the background of the film. The storyline follows the journey of a research scholar on fieldwork who gets lost in the wild and encounters a guardian deity who protects her in the wilderness, while narrating stories and myths of the land. It unravels many different heart-thumping scenes which engages the audience into empathy for the fate of the characters. To know what happens next is the real twist of the film.

After the screening, there will be a chance to ask questions from the director, Dawa T. Lepcha, through Skype.

The discussion will be moderated by PhD students Reep Pandi Lepcha and Kikee D. Bhutia (who is also the actress of the film)

The movie screening is a part of the lecture series on indigenous peoples of Northeast India