Public lectures on Asian politics

The Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies invites you to public lectures by the candidates applying for the position of Professor of Asian Politics.

It is a remarkable opportunity to listen several lectures by high-level experts within just two days. The Asian professorship seeks to develop new competence in Skytte institute in Asian politics with a special emphasis on People’s Republic of China.

A total of six venia legendi lectures will be held at Lossi 36-307, Tartu:

March 14, 2017

11.00 Giuseppe Gabusi “China - State and Development”

14.00 Selcuk Colakoglu “Introduction to East Asian Politics”

March 15, 2017

09.00 Mikhail Molchanov “Russia’s foreign policy in North-East Asia”

10.00 Stephan Ortmann “Environmental Governance and Institutional Change in Asia: China and Vietnam”

14.00 Matthias Maass “North Korean Provocations as Manifestations of the Leadership’s Obsession With Hypermasculinity”

These public lectures will be conducted via Skype and broadcasted in the auditorium, except Matthias Maass, who is able to come and deliver his lecture in Tartu. Working language is English.

Additional information: Olga Bogdanova, olga.bogdanova [ät] (), +372 737 6375