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The Asia Centre of the University of Tartu aims to inform and shape contemporary thinking and understanding of Asia and the Middle East driven by trends in the world. The Center mediates and supports the creation of knowledge about Asia and the Middle East politics, economics, law, society, and culture, brings together scientists and experts of various fields and disciplines through participation in international networks with the aim to mediate and influence national policies through research and study-related projects.

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University of Tartu invites applications for doctoral studies from future researchers and top professionals.
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The strategic plan A2025 period is coming to an end and the university has set up a committee to prepare a new strategic plan.
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On Wednesday, 10 April, at 19:00, the second University of Tartu Spring Run will take place.
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Anastasia Sinitsyna defended her doctoral thesis "Links between segregation processes on the labour and housing markets: evidence from Finland"

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