Achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) - innovations in finance and digitalization

How to support millions of people below poverty line due to COVID-19? Join us to reevaluate the ways we imagine the sustainable development and to reimagine the way we look at the sustainable development goals (SDG) in terms of finance and digitalization.

Reimagining ways to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDG) - innovations in finance and digitalization
15. October at 16:00 – 18:00 (13:00 GMT) #KAPTalks Zoom

“It is said that there could be decades in which nothing happens and then there can be weeks in which decades happen. We seem to be living in a time like that right now. Since COVID it is estimated that about 500 million people have slipped below the poverty line. This dramatic event has taken away years, if not decades, of work that has been dedicated to the bottom of the pyramid for the upliftment of people. We could of never predict that one event like this can bring such devastating results to half a billion people,“ said Royston Braganza, the CEO of Grameen Capital.

Royston joined Grameen Capital in 2007 to launch the organization. He currently oversees all aspects of its operations in India. To realise his dream of a “Capital-with-a-Conscience” ecosystem, Royston along with Grameen Capital, recently promoted “Grameen Impact Investments India” a unique vehicle to provide debt financing to social enterprises across sectors such as affordable education and skill development, affordable healthcare, clean energy & innovation, agriculture, financial inclusion and livelihoods.
In his earlier assignment, as a Senior Vice President in HSBC, Royston was instrumental in setting up and heading HSBC’s Microfinance & Priority Sector business. Prior to that, he was the head of HSBC’s SME Business. Before joining HSBC, Royston worked in Citibank India for over 8 years in various assignments across both the Consumer Bank and the Corporate Bank.

Join LIVE the #KAPTalks with Royston Braganza of Grameen Capital on 15th October at 15:00 CET / 13:00 GMT / Tartu 16:00 (online).

The Kapuscinski Development Lecture is hosted by the UN, European Commission and the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies from the University of Tartu.

The lecture moderator is Mihkel Solvak, Deputy Head for Development in Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.

Additional information: Olga Bogdanova,, and #KAPTalks: Royston Braganza.



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