Asia Center’s analyst contributed to the analysis of China's hybrid threats

What are the trends related to China's rise and how can these trends affect Estonia, as well as our partners in the EU and NATO? These were some of the issues that European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats’ (Hybrid CoE) Chinese research group report “Trends in China’s Power Politics is focusing on.

Hybrid CoE is a center that studies hybrid threats, with one representative from each EU and NATO member state.

The report helps the reader to better understand the processes involved in China's rise.
Urmas Hõbepappel, an analyst at the Asia Center and a lecturer at the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies, contributed on behalf of Estonia to the creation of the repot. He mainly focused on the human rights situation and finding solutions on how to deal with this issue in relations with China. He also led the analysis related to the threats on development of artificial intelligence.

The report is available here.