Asian subjects in spring semester 2017

Lecturer: Dr Valentina Punzi (visiting professor from Napoli university “L’Orientale”)

This course will offer an introduction to Tibetan sacred geography, by discussing on both past and contemporary Tibetan cultural expressions of the relationship between people and the environment on the Tibetan plateau and in the Himalayan regions. Reflections on the sacralization of the land, practice of pilgrimages and emic concepts of mandala and “hidden lands” will be theoretically framed by Ingold’s phenomenological approach to the perception of the environment.

1. 06.02.2017, kl 16.15 (Ülikooli 16-214). Introduction: from the imperial geopolitical unity to the contemporary fragmentation
2. 07.02.2017, kl 12.15 (Ülikooli 16-214). Visionary geography and interpretative models of the landscape
3. 13.02.2017, kl 12.15 (Ülikooli 16-214). Pilgrimages: concepts, ethnographic descriptions and contemporary transformations
4. 14.02.2017, kl 10.15 (Ülikooli 16-214). Mountain deities in the contemporary political context of Tibetan areas in PRC

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