Atte Kaleva lectures on contemporary Jihadi ideology (02.05 and 04.05)

Guest lecturer Atte Kaleva will be giving two public lectures this week:

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the Seminar of Oriental Studies invites you to:

Contemporary Jihadi ideology – past, present and possible future 

Time: 18.15
 the University of Tartu Main Building (Ülikooli 18) room 307

During the course of his lecture Mr. Atte Kaleva, M.M.Sc., Capt. (Ret), will analyze the history and evolution of jihadi ideology in the context of some of the most noteworthy Salafi and jihadi ideologues. The historical events leading to the rise of al-Qaida and later ISIS, as well as the contributing factors for the social acceptance of jihadi practices in Muslim communities in Middle East and Northern Africa will be examined in the lecture.

Mr. Kaleva will also explain in detail the circumstances prevailing in the global jihadi movement at the moment and consider some possible scenarios for the future. He will especially shed light on the current trend of jihadi radicalisation in his native Finland sharing his insight on the examples of notable Finnish jihadi operatives.

Lecturer aims at giving his audience a glimpse of how jihadis think and what lies behind their motivation. He will carefully examine the logic behind the jihadi acts of terror, which becomes apparent once the motivating factors and basic tenets for thought become visible. This will enable the audience to grasp a better understanding of the current situation in many Muslim majority countries and of the various conflicts now raging in the region.

Mr. Atte Kaleva, Master and PhD candidate in Military Sciences, is a retired officer (captain) of the Finnish Armed Forces. He had served as an UN Military Observer in UNMOGIP (United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan) mission. Mr. Kaleva is the founder and partner of Kalifa Ltd. focusing on security consultancy and training. He regularly runs lectures and training courses as well as consults companies and organizations. Atte Kaleva is a leading expert in Islamic and Jihadi studies in Finland. In March 2018, he published a book in Finnish titled Jihad ja terrori (Jihad and terror, see aimed at a large public audience on the history and evolution of jihadi ideology. Kaleva is currently a member of the City Council of his native Helsinki. His affiliation is the National Coalition Party.

See also interviews with him in Helsinkin Sanomat (in Finnish) and Eesti Ekspress (in Estonian).

Further information: Märt Läänemets, tel 5518847


Friday, May 4th:

Jihad and terror in the Northern Europe: what can Estonia learn from the mistakes of others 

Time: 14.15
Place: Jakobi 2 big auditorium (room 226)

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion and Postimees will be making a live broadcast. Check out the FB event

Further information: Peeter Espak