CSGSxSkytte Institute Joint Lecture Series III - EU and ASEAN: Diverging Road of Regional Integration

The European Union (EU) and Association of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN) have arguably been the two of the most sustainable regional integration in modern history. While the two organizations are often subject to comparison, they have grown in different directions, reflecting the nature of cohesion between their member states. While the EU is widely regarded as a model of regionalism, the study of cross-regional comparison has pointed out the need to diversify perspectives in understanding regional integration.

The two organizations have navigated through times of normalcy and crisis. They often have shared similar problems as well. However, the two seemed to react differently to challenges. While the EU championed institutional effectiveness, ASEAN has been praised for its consensus-based mechanisms.

What are the main drivers of regional integration in Europe and Southeast Asia? How different are the EU and ASEAN? How do these differences impact each region's dynamics and their position in the world order?

Join Stefano Braghiroli, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies, University of Tartu) and Citra Hennida, MA. (Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Universitas Airlangga) in CSGSxSkytte Institute Joint Lecture Series III - EU and ASEAN: Diverging Road of Regional Integration.

CSGS and Skytte Institute Joint Lecture Series is a series of collaborative events organized to introduce contemporary issues in Southeast Asia and Europe to students and experts from both institutions.

On Friday, 7 May 2021, the event will take place from 11.00-13.00 Tartu time (GMT+3) on Zoom.

You could join through this link: https://zoom.us/j/93060442938?pwd=eVlGL2ZhV2R0SkViMzczTE5rVklxdz09

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NB: This event is opened to the public, and there is no need for registration. Please note that the event will be recorded, live-streamed online, and later accessible at “CSGS FISIP Unair” YouTube channel.