Day of Women in Science: research fellow Anastasia Sinitsyna

On 11 February, the University of Tartu and the Estonian Youth Academy of Sciences (EYAS) celebrate the Day of Women in Science for the third time already. The goal of celebrating the Day of Women in Science is, on the one hand, to highlight and appreciate the daily work and achievements of women researchers. On the other hand, the aim is to contribute to promoting gender equality and breaking gender stereotypes in academia and society. To honour women and inspire girls to pursue with science, we share the work of our women in science. Anastasia Sinitsyna is a PhD candidate at the University of Tartu School of Economics and Business Administration and a research fellow at the University of Tartu Asia Centre.

  1. What is one research question that you are currently working on?  

I am currently seeking new insights into the entrepreneurial behavior of female immigrants from India and China who have moved to Helsinki. My research is more comprehensive and covers the examination of the role of culture, including its values, norms, and practices, in shaping the career development of immigrant groups in the labor market.  

Immigrants who move to a new host country often face challenges in recognizing their skills, experience, and education and may be at a disadvantage in the labor market. This is particularly true for female immigrants, who may arrive as "trailing spouses" and find themselves with a significant gap between their skills and job requirements. However, being in a new environment can also present an opportunity for these women to challenge traditional gender roles and become the primary breadwinners for their families through starting their own businesses.  

It is important to understand the motivations and reasons behind this entrepreneurial behavior among Indian and Chinese female immigrants in Helsinki, as their experiences can provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by immigrant women in the labor market.  

  1. If you find an answer to it, what would be different in the world? How could your research make a difference? 

Women, including immigrant women, are often underrepresented in the entrepreneurial world, so researching and analyzing their experiences and successes can broaden and deepen our understanding of the entrepreneurship landscape. Female immigrant entrepreneurs face distinct challenges, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination, that need to be studied in order to understand and address them effectively. By examining female immigrant entrepreneurship, we can gain important insights into the economic and social impact of entrepreneurship, and provide support and empower female entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.  

  1. Why is solving this research question important?  

I believe that insights into female immigrant entrepreneurship can greatly enhance the effectiveness of public policy in the area of entrepreneurship by developing more efficient means of promoting entrepreneurial values among immigrants. I hope that the results of my study will inspire more women, including female immigrants, to consider self-employment or starting their own businesses.  

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