Elective and Optional Courses on Asia and Middle East Autumn 2019

Elective and Optional Courses on Asia and Middle East held in English Autumn 2019:

HVKU.10.004 Mindsets in Modern Day Asia and Middle East (6 EAP) eng

Õppejõud Märt Läänemets (vastutav), Elo Süld, Anu Põldsam

The aim of the course is to give a theoretical overview and some practical skills to understand and be able to deal with cultural attitudes and mindsets of Asian and Middle East Civilizations. Emphasis will be put on learning and analysis of typical case situations.

P2EC.00.215 Integration Processes in Europe and Eurasia (9 EAP) eng

Õppejõud Stefano Braghiroli

The course explores the institutional and historical developments that relate to the emergence, transformation, and consolidation of the EU; while comparatively discussing the post-cold war attempts of regional integration in the former Soviet space. Part of the course will be specifically focused on the comparative dimension and the interaction between the EU and Russia from an historical and political perspective. The course will focus on the multidimensionality of the process of regional integration in Europe and Eurasia moving throughout the analysis of the relevant cleavages in contemporary societies, determined by the progressive decline/redefinition of nation-states and the emergence of the transnational and multicultural polity in Europe.

USUS.08.023 Cultural and Religious Roots of the Middle East (6 EAP) eng

Anu Põldsam (vastutav), Amar Annus, Urmas Nõmmik, Elo Süld, Vladimir Sazonov, Helen Haas

The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the wide-reaching relevance of historical-cultural influences and of religion to the character and composition of societies in the Middle East since antiquity. Through a wide chronological and geographical lens, students will gain insight into the roles and dynamics that religion plays in modern societies in the Middle East. The aim of the course is also to show how religious and temporal power are contingent on the cultural contexts in which they emerge and to introduce these contexts to the students.

HVKU.10.003 Asian and Middle Eastern Civilizations (6 EAP) eng

Õppejõud Märt Läänemets (vastutav), Elo Süld, Anu Põldsam

The aim of the lecture course is to give a thorough introduction into the Asian and Middle East Civilizations (East Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East) from the prospect of general area studies approach.

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