Francesco Grillo: Democracy and Growth in the Twenty-first Century

We are proud to announce that on the 5th of November we will host a public guest lecture from Francesco Grillo on "Democracy and Growth in the Twenty-first Century". Panel discussion with Francesco Grillo, Mihkel Solvak, Head of Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies and Stefano Braghiroli, Lecturer in European Studies, Programme Director for European Union - Russia Studies will follow the lecture.

Francesco Grillo has been a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute and Academic Visitor at St. Antony’s College in the University of Oxford, as well as Advisor to the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. He currently teaches at the University of International Business Economics in Beijing, and is also a columnist and a head of a management consulting firm.

His research interests cover among other fields E-government, smart specialization, regional policies, and internet studies.

“The lecture will focus on China which seems to be paradoxically more capable than the West to adapt to a technologies triggered mutation than the West initiated. We will also cover the “crisis of liberal democracy” which is, in fact, even more evident in the very Capitals (Washington, London) of the countries that invented, defended and (up to an extent) exported the concept. And on the ideas that the book suggests as possible trigger of a profound reform of what we mean by democracy and of its procedures,” describes Francesco Grillo his lecture during which he will also talk about his new book about democracies on the 21st century.

Tuesday, November 5, at 14:15-15:45 Francesco Grillo: „Democracy and Growth in the Twenty-first Century“, Lossi 36-214. The lecture is in English.

Additional information: Head of Institute, Mihkel Solvak,