Giuli Shabashvili lectures (22.-26.05)

We're pleased to invite everyone to listen to the lectures by Associate Professor Giuli Shabashvili from the Tbilisi State University on the topic of "Language Policy in Georgia"


22 MayIssues of Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity in Georgia, importance of Georgian as a state language from the perspective of both the diachronic and synchronic approach. Issues of historical sociolinguistics. Kartvelian languages in Georgia, Turkey and Iran.

23 MayLanguage policy of Georgia in the Soviet Period

24 MayCurrent language policy of Georgia and issues of language law in Georgia 

25 MayIssues of cultural sensitivity in the Georgian educational environment. Issues of teaching Georgian as a second language

26 MayLanguage Policy: the case of Georgia and Estonia, a comparative analysis

The lectures are held in English and take place at Jakobi 2-129 every day at 8:30-10:00.

Students can also earn credits by registering in SIS to the course HVLC.08.021 Language Policy in Georgia (1 ECTS).

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The lectures are held within the Erasmus+ staff mobility programme.