Inaugural lecture by Peter Hwang, UT Professor of Asian Economy


The University of Tartu invites all to the inaugural lecture by Peter Hwang, UT Professor of Asian Economy.

The lecture entitled “The Rise of Asia and Differences between Eastern and Western Management Styles” will be held on 22 November 2017 at 4:15 pm in the University Assembly Hall.

The economic and political capabilities and importance of Asian countries, especially China, has been on the rise in the world. This forces the current leading countries in the Western world to constantly put in more effort to stay in competition with Asian countries in terms of their rising production capabilities and ability to find innovative solutions. In the lecture, the fast progress of China’s economic rise will be discussed and we will also look into the future – what are the certainties and uncertainties of China’s future? Special attention is paid to management – in what ways are the management styles different in the East and West? What kind of influence does this have on the economy, entrepreneurship and business culture in general? We will also discuss how it all connects to a deeper cultural background, differences between Eastern and Western cultures.

Professor Peter Hwang is from Taiwan, where he graduated from the master’s course of Business Administration in 1979. He then attended Michigan State University in the USA and defended his doctoral thesis in 1988. From 1988 to 1999, Peter Hwang worked as Associate Professor in the US, the City University of New York, in the National Taiwan University and in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After that, he taught as a Professor in the National University of Singapore and was Academic Director of Asia Pacific EMBA Program. Professor Hwang has also been a Dean and Professor for Sampoerna School of Business (Indonesia) and Chairman of the Board for Yangzhou Bulb Group (China). In the spring of 2017, Peter Hwang was elected as Professor of Asian Economy in the University of Tartu.

In his research, Professor Hwang focuses on international business and cooperation strategy. His work has been published in highly renowned international journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business, Journal of Business Venturing, Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons. According to Web of Science, Professor Hwang has over 700 citations. He has been elected as one of the best scientists in the National University of Singapore and received the Best Research award in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.