Join us at the Taiwanese movie night

Please join us for a Taiwanese movie night will take place on the 19th of April at 6 PM.

Sung Hsin-yin's debut film “On Happiness Road" ("幸福路上"), released in 2017, revolves around the social changes in Taiwan through the eyes of the protagonist, who left the country for the US and later returned home. The animation has been screened at many prestigious film festivals and has received awards and nominations at both the Taipei Film Festival and the Academy Awards. 

The movie is in Chinese with English subtitles. The film will be introduced by Katja Pessl, Coordinator of the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies at the University of Göttingen. The post-film discussion will be moderated by Mart Tšernjuk, Coordinator of the Taiwanese Affairs at the University of Tartu  Asia Centre and Chinese language teacher at the Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures.   

Overview of the film 


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