Lectures on human rights at the University of Tartu

On 1-5 April, Professor Juan Ferreiro Galguera from University of A Coruña, Spain visited law faculty of University of Tartu.

Juan Ferreiro Galguera is Professor of Law and Religion at the Department of Public Law of the University of A Coruña. He is also Master in International Affairs (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Master in Journalism (Autonomous University of Madrid-EL PAIS). His research focuses on freedom of expression, freedom of education, freedom of conscience, limits of religious freedom, and relations between churches and State: specially regarding Islam.

He gave two lectures in English on: “Self-determination and Minority Rights (Case of Spain in Comparative Perspective)” and “Religion, Migration and Hate Speech”. The lectures took place within the course on Comparative Human Rights.

In his lectures, he brought out that it is important to bear in mind that Hate speech crimes are not only one legal and effective tool to fight against the tendency to manipulate one particular human right (freedom of speech). Also, that everyone has the right of dignity. If the concept of dignity is protected, it is fostered and guaranteed, the rights will be protected, as well.