Professor Hwang starts teaching in University of Tartu

Peter Jan-Hong Hwang is the new professor of Asian in University of Tartu School of Economics and Business Administration, and has been employed for the next five years.

Professor Hwang is from Taiwan where he graduated from BA and MA level. He acquired his PhD from Michigan State University in the USA. He came to Tartu after taking a break from the academia for a few years - but when he saw the advertisement, he knew that he wanted to return to research and see this part of the world. His first impressions are positive: “Tartu is small but has everything you need - and you can go everywhere by bicycle or on foot. Great weather.”

As to what he plans in the University, professor Hwang says: “I wish to help evolve and develop the Asian direction in University of Tartu and help deliver a fully-fledged master’s program.”

Professor Hwang has worked in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the National Taiwan University and the National University of Singapore. He has been a dean and a program manager and taught students at different levels - from BA to PhD. Professor Hwang values active learning and group work, which help create an environment where both individual and collaborative skills can develop. “I hope I can prepare the students better for the job market once they graduate,” he says.

In his research professor Hwang focuses on international business and cooperation strategy. His work has been published in highly renowned international journals such as Journal of Business, Journal of Business Venturing, Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Business Horizons, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization among others. According to ResearchGate, professor Hwang has over 2000 citations, and according to Google Scholar, over 1200.

Some works from professor Hwang:

An eclectic theory of the choice of international entry mode

Managing Relational Bond: An Integrative Approach

The alliance map: A tool for managing fear and greed in alliances

Properties of Trust: An Analytical View