Researchers from Vietnam and Tartu talk about dignity, values ​​and society

From 26th until 30th of November, workshop titled Dignity and society - transdisciplinary perspectives is taking place. Workshop is led by the Asia Center, where Estonian and Vietnamese scientists discuss humanity and its values. This is the first cooperation between Tartu and Hue University where researchers from humanities, social sciences, medicine and natural sciences cooperate.

The interdisciplinary workshop discusses humankind and its values ​​from different perspectives: humanities, social sciences, medicine, technology and the environment. Alongside Estonian scientists there will be presentations by Vietnamese researchers and the opportunity to hear Vietnamese perspectives.

According to Elo Süld, Director of the Asia Center of the University of Tartu, the need to talk about social values ​​is big. “Scientists talk a lot about common values ​​and principles that are followed in their disciplines. But what are the values ​​that guide our society? How will different spaces of value collide at the level of scientific disciplines and societies in an increasingly globalized world? ”
This is the first joint cross-disciplinary collaboration between the University of Tartu and the University of Hue. The University of Tartu is represented in all fields, including folkloristics, cultural sciences, law, economics, medicine and physics.

The main organizers of the workshop are the Asian University of Tartu and the Doctoral School of Cultural Sciences and Arts. The event is funded by the University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA (European Regional Development Fund).

Futher information: Heidi Maiberg, TÜ Aasia keskuse kommunikatsioonispetsialist, +372 5199 1451,