Seminar "Trade War between USA and China" (06.12)

The Economics Club of the University of Tartu is glad to invite you to the seminar: Trade War between USA and China. 

The recent trade policy of the current American government enhances a confrontation with the Popular Republic of China. The effects of this struggle are starting to be observed but what will be the end results and how it will affect the rest of the world is still unclear. Is it possible that this confrontation will result in a real war? Who is gaining from that? The US firms or the Chinese ones? The American workers or the Chinese ones? Or none of them? What is the role of Japan? Which kind of policy the European Union should put in place? What will be final effect on the world trade? Will one of the principal of this trade war cause the next economic crisis?


The seminar is carried out by Peter J Hwang, professor of Asian economy. 

WHEN: 6th of December at 18:00, room 307
WHERE: at School of Economics and Business at J. Liivi 4 
COST: FREE for everybody, no registration needed

If you are interested in all these issues and want to get some answers and more, come at the seminar and join us!!

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This event has been financed by the University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA (European Regional Development Fund).