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Special issue launch: TRAMES tackling multifaceted relations between Europe and Japan

On Wednesday, 27.09 at 5pm, the special issue of TRAMES magazine tackling multifaceted relations between Europe and Japan will be presented in the Senate hall of the University of Tartu’s main building (Ülikooli 18).   

The relationship between Europe and Japan has a long history in several fields. There are historical ties through trade and cultural exchange and many European countries have had close collaboration through visiting scholars in a cross-disciplinary setting. The Russian war in Ukraine has altered the security situation in Europe in a way that has not been seen since the end of World War II and the subsequent Cold War. With the development of the EU and the single market, interest has grown from Japanese industry to locate business operations within the market. In recent years, the relationship between the EU and Japan has also been strengthened. 

As the editors emphasise, the aim of the special issue of TRAMES. A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences “The multifaceted relations between Europe and Japan – taking stock and building the future” is to offer a comprehensive overview of the historical, economic, and strategic dimensions of the relationship between Europe and Japan. It aims to shed light on the enduring ties forged through trade, cultural exchanges, and collaborations across diverse domains. By exploring the multifaceted nature of the Europe-Japan relationship, this special issue seeks to emphasize the potential for ongoing collaboration and mutual growth.  

The special issue launch will discuss the multifaceted relations between Europe and Japan and articles of the journal. The special issue inspired by University of Tartu Asia Centre’s and Centre for Oriental Studies’ Japan conference series that aspires to build bridges between scholars from Estonia, Europe, and Japan. The interdisciplinary conference series aims to raise awareness and inspire dialogue on similarities and differences of Japan, Estonia, and other European countries.  

Read the special issue from here:[issue]=1473&v=a57b8491d1d8 

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