Students all around the world discuss East Asian social issues in Tartu

From 12 to 23 August summer and doctor school titled Current Social Issues in East Asia: Ageing Societies and the Role of Women, is taken place. Students all around the world, including the US, China, and Japan have gathered to Tartu where in an international environment topics such aging societies and protection of rights of women are being discussed.

Interdisciplinary summer and doctor school is happening in order to share knowledge and experience between countries on current issues and solutions for them. There are topics universal to societies and countries, such as impact of aging population to economy and employment, and smart solutions to solve issues connected. At the same time, there are presentations and discussions that focus only on East Asia related questions, such as the history and contemporary results of one child policy in China and Vietnam, Role of Women in the Confucian Tradition, and Women in the Japanese labour market.

Topics such fighting violence against women, gender pay gap, influence of “METOO” campaign will be discussed, as well.
In two weeks scholars from University of Tartu, such as Ene Selart, Märt Läänemets and Peter Hwang, as well as visiting lectures from Japan, China and South Korea, will share their knowledge.

Summer and doctor school „Current Social Issues in East Asia: Ageing Societies and the Role of Women“ are organized and supported by University of Tartu Asia Centre, Lifelong Learning Centre, and through European Regional Development Fund  University of Tartu project ASTRA  PER ASPERA.