Dr. Bhutia's guest lectures in India

Our research fellow, Dr. Kikee Doma Bhutia gave two guest lectures in India that focused on the folk narratives of Sikkim’ as well as folklore and genres of classification.  

On the 5th December, Dr. Bhutia gave a guest lecture at Stella-Maris College (Autonomous) (Chennai, South India). The lecture titled ‘Beyul Demojong (The Hidden land of Fruitful Valley): Exploring the Genre of Lived Stories and Folk Narratives of Sikkim’, focused on Sikkim's folk narratives. In the lecture, Dr Bhutia discussed the role of the narratives in the collective identity and the revitalisation of national and ethnic identities among the Sikkims.  

Her second guest lecture took place on the 14th December at the North Bengal University (West Bengal, East India). Presentation titled ‘Introduction to Folklore and the Genres of Classification’ introduced folklore and various genres of classification. Dr Bhutia introduced Estonia and her personal experiences living there. Also what it is like to study at the folklore department at the University of Tartu.  

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