The Nordic Asia Podcast: Indonesia’s Response to the War in Ukraine

Our intern, Saskia Lilli Lehtsalu, recorded an episode for Nordic Asia Podcast. She took a closer look at Indonesian perspectives on the war in Ukraine together with Radityo Dharmaputra who is a junior research fellow in Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu, Estonia and a lector in international relations at Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia.

With the upcoming G20 summit this November, all eyes should be on Indonesia – the fourth largest country in the world and current holder of G20 presidency. How has Indonesia reacted so far to the war in Ukraine? Why are so many Indonesians sympathetic to Russia, despite Indonesia’s historical tendency to favour the underdog in international disputes? What does all this have to do with the price of instant noodles in Jakarta? And why exactly have some people suggested that Indonesian president Joko Widodo might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Radityo has written a number of commentaries about Indonesian perspectives on the Ukraine war, which can be accessed through the links below:

-Why do so many Indonesians back Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?
-Why many Indonesian experts are pro-Russia and ignoring Ukraine’s perspective
-How will Indonesia deal with Russia and Ukraine at the G20?

Listen to the episode through this link - Indonesia’s Response to the War in Ukraine – University of Copenhagen (

Ismet Suleimanov

Ismet Suleimanov received the University of Tartu Asia Centre scholarship for his MA thesis on the genocide memory of the Crimean Tatars

Wei Chen

Wei Chen received the University of Tartu Asia Centre scholarship for his MA thesis on the omen system

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