University of Tartu Asia Centre scholarship

The University of Tartu announces a scholarship of the University of Tartu Asia for the Master’s degree graduates or in the Faculty of Medicine, an internship abroad or a PhD dissertation or its project. The scholarship aims to support students of the University of Tartu whose research focuses on Asian and/or Middle Eastern regions or areas dealing with them. Furthermore, also graduates whose MA thesis includes scientific work that helps develop knowledge and research of Asia and/or the Middle East in Estonian society can apply for the scholarship. This includes building and networking relationships such as joint mentoring and cooperation with Asian research institutions.

The scholarship of 2000€ is awarded once a year in every in each faculty.


The scholarship can be applied for a Master's thesis submitted to the defense, internship abroad, PhD dissertation or its project and research work in cases of dentistry and pharmacology students.

To apply for the scholarship, the following must be submitted to the Asian Centre of the University of Tartu:

  • curriculum vitae with an overview of professional and social activities;
  • pdf file of the Master's thesis submitted for defense. In the cases of internship abroad or a PhD dissertation the pdf file of the project plan;
  • Motivation letter with a reasoning about the suitability of the MA thesis, internship abroad, PhD dissertation or research work for the scholarship;
  • signed recommendation letter from the supervisor;

The deadline for the submission of documents is 12th of June 2022. The files must be submitted to the e-mail address The scholarship is determined based on the academic level of the Master's thesis, the student's academic success, and professional and social activities. In the cases of internship abroad, the academic development, fulfilment of the set goals and the and professional and social activities

The applications received are evaluated by an interdisciplinary committee, including representatives of the Asian Centre of the University of Tartu. The scholarship shall be handed over to the scholarship recipient at the graduation of the field of study in the 2021/2022 academic year.


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