Is Folktale a Hyperlink to Reality? (02.06)

2. juunil kell 12.15 peab

Prof Dr. Sadhana Naithani (Jawaharlal Nehru Ülikool, New Delhi) loengu: "Is Folktale a Hyperlink to Reality?"

Loengu kirjeldus inglise keeles:
The environmental, political and social challenges that are part of our daily consciousness seem far away from the challenges, tasks and puzzles that the characters of the folktale have to face. Is there a great distance between the folktale world and our world? Or, is there a  Or, is there a hyperlink that we are unable to click on? Can we activate this hyperlink? And if so, how? An experimental exploration is presented through this talk which leads to an interactive session.

Loeng toimub von Bocki õppehoone (Ülikooli 16) auditooriumis 214.

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