Professor Anil Boro külalisloengud 13.03 ja 14.03

14. ja 15. märts peab Gauhati Ülikooli professor Anil Boro Tartus kaks külalisloengut. Kõik on oodatud kuulama ja kaasa mõtlema!

"Ethnic identity movements and folklore in the context of Northeast India" 
Aeg: Kolmapäev, 14.03 kell 14.15
Koht: Ülikooli 16-215

"Northeast India is the hot spot of ethnic identity movements where more and more ethnic groups are claiming for distinct identity by using the elements of folklore. Be it verbal folklore like myths, legends and songs, be it folk celebrations, rituals and festivals or material artifacts including ethnic textile – any tangible or intangible object can be a potent instrument for asserting ethnic group identity. The lecture will examine the uses of folklore within ethnic identity movements in Northeast India during the last few decades."

Loeng bodode rahvusest Kirde-Indias, Assami osariigis
Aeg: Neljapäev, 15.03 kell 16.15
Koht: Ülikooli 16-214

"The presentation will focus on the religious practices of the Bodos, an  indigenous ethnic group of Assam in the Northeastern region of India.  The Bodos have preserved their beliefs and rituals in spite of the  visible presence of Hinduism and other religions in their neighborhood.  The religious practices of the Bodos reveal certain indigenous features  together with elements of syncretism and they manifest a bold move  towards institutionalization."